- A Reliable Partner -

We produce supplements and cosmetics on behalf of third parties for pharmacies and companies in the sector. If you want to make your own product, we can help you achieve your idea by working side by side with you. Over the years, we have worked with established companies and start-ups, achieving excellent results. We follow our customers, not only in product development but also when it comes to aspects related to marketing and communication.


In addition to having our own line of food supplements, we carry out work on behalf of third parties, always guaranteeing a high-quality product in compliance with the health and hygiene regulations in force. We pay particular attention to the research of raw materials; we can guarantee that every step of production from the study of the formula to assist with the notification for the Ministry of Health, and microbiological and chemical analysis of the finished product at accredited laboratories.


For several years now, we have been working on the production of cosmetic products on behalf of third parties and can provide a full service, from the birth of a new idea to prototyping in small lots to production on an industrial scale. We can also produce liquid and detergent products, creams, emulsions, single-dose sachets, etc. creating new formulations and offering the customer the possibility to customise every aspect of the new cosmetics, starting from the most innovative basic raw materials to arrive at the latest generation of active ingredients.


Our company also produces bitters, liqueurs, and elixirs. The production of these products has a long tradition in pharmacies. We have created new recipes according to the specific requests of our customers, and in recent times, we have rediscovered ancient formulas and brought back to life some old liqueurs. Our products are made using traditional methods, leaving the plants to macerate in alcohol. The quality of our products has been recognised by big magazines in the sector, such as the Golosario, which exalted the Amaro Zitta and the Enoleo liqueur.



- For Unique Products -

Thanks to our experience, professionalism, and competence, we can produce products from formulations provided directly by the pharmacist. We develop formulations with 100% natural ingredients and all the required certifications. We follow our customers at all stages, from the study to its production to achieve products that best meet the needs of our customers.


- Design your brand -